Arabic Course Offering Spring 2019

Conversational Arabic 213 with Professor Hisam Elaqad, Denison University

  • Days and Time: MTWF, 12:30 – 1:20 pm 
  • Pre-req.: Three semesters of Beginning Arabic or consent of the professor
  • Credits: 4hrs.


This course offers an intensive training in conversational skills in Arabic and provides an opportunity for students to activate the vocabulary they have already acquired in the previous semesters and to build on newer ones.  It generally aims at enhancing students’ oral proficiency from intermediate-mid to advanced-mid level, based on ACTFL standards.

The philosophy of this course is based on the communicative integrated approach which integrates the two Arabic varieties: Modern Standard Arabic and educated spoken Arabic. Students will practice their conversational skills through daily briefings, discussions and oral presentations. A source textbook will be used to build students’ vocabulary in addition to supplementary audiovisual materials and the Internet to deepen students’ understanding of both language and culture.


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