Arabic Course Offerings F’17

ARAB 211-Intermediate Arabic I with Dr. Hanada Al-Masri, Denison University

  • Days and Time: MTWF (everyday except Thursday), 1:30-2:20pm
  • Pre-req.: ARAB 112- or what is equivalent to two semesters of Beginning Arabic
  • Credits: 4hrs.


This is an intermediate level course in Arabic. Similar to its prerequisite (ARAB 112), the course follows the same philosophy of integrating Modern Standard Arabic and spoken Arabic to reflect the language as used by native speakers. The course continues building upon the linguistic foundations started in ARAB111, and ARAB 112 and aims at developing the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing through two graded levels: for the first half of the semester, students study topics centered around their daily lives and activities. The second half of the semester takes students to a more advanced level where they start discussing topics moved away from the self and get closer to topics of a general nature like the history and geography of the Arab world, education, etc. In this course students will read longer passages (250-350 word), write on the paragraph level, listen to longer texts, and produce longer conversations. In addition, the course continues the practice of introducing Arab society, history, and culture. Overall, the course aims at improving students’ linguistic knowledge from Intermediate – low to the Intermediate-mid level, according to the ACTFL proficiency guidelines. At Denison, the course fulfills the GE requirement for Humanities (U). 

ARAB 301- Advanced Writing Skills with Dr. Kelly Tuttle, Earlham College

  • Days and Time: M,Th 2:30-3:50 and W 2:30-3:20
  • Pre-req.: ARAB 212- or what is equivalent to four semesters of Arabic  
  • Credits: 4hrs.