French Course Offering Quarter System Spring 2019

FRAN 302: French and Francophone Otherness in Literature taught by Dr. Cary Campbell, Antioch College 

  • Days and Time: MTWTh, 1:30 pm -2:20 pm
  • Course dates (based on the quarter system): 8 April to 18 June, 2019 with the exception of April 23 and May 27.
  • Pre-req.: FRAN 202 or the equivalent, placement, or special instructor permission
  • Course credits: 4 quarter credits, respectively 3 semester credits
  • This upper-level course will be taught in French.


FRAN 302 uses a content-based approach to investigate French and Francophone cultural practices, and perspectives through a cross-century and multi-genre study of literature connecting with theories of self and other, and with the general topics of immigration, migrancy, exile, and refugeeism.  Using the course’s content as the subject of academic inquiry, it also develops the four skills of communication in French (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), with a focus on real-time interpersonal and presentational oral production of cohesive paragraphs featuring narration and description in all tenses and on a variety of increasingly abstract and academic contexts, as well as on interpretive communication and argumentation through expository process writing.  This course roughly targets the ACTFL Advanced-Mid rating.  Teaching methodologies may include task-based, project-based, and other experiential learning assignments.  Offered every other spring term.

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