German Course Offerings F’17

GERM 302 – Germany’s Young Generation with Dr. Gabriele Dillmann, Denison University

  • Days and Time: M,W 2:30-3:50
  • Pre-req.: Germ 214, or equivalence to four semesters of German
  • Credits: 4hrs.


Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 4.05.21 PMThis course explores Germany’s younger generations, their hopes and dreams, goals and aspirations, their relationship to older generations, and how they make sense of and try to find their place in life.

This course is also a globally connected course in partnership with the American University in Bulgaria.

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GERM 364 – The German Language Yesterday and Today, with Dr. Lee Forester, Hope College

  • Days and Time: M,W 11:00 am – 12:20 pm 
  • Pre-req.: Equivalence to four semesters of German
  • Credits: 4hrs.


An introduction to the history and development of the German language from runes (tribal times) to the present. Topics covered include an overview of modern German phonetics and phonology, the relationship of German to English and other European languages, changes in the German language, German dialects and a contrastive analysis of German and English phonemic systems specifically geared to language learners and future language teachers.