German Course Offerings Spring ’18

GERM 304 – German Youth Culture from Storm and Stress to World War One (German Culture and Civilization: 19th Century to 1933) with Dr. Gabriele Dillmann, Denison University

  • Days and Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 am to 11:20 am
  • Pre-req.: Equivalence to Intermediate Level II German or Consent of the Instructor
  • Credits: 4hrs.
  • For Denison students, this course satisfies the area studies requirement for the major
  • This course is a globally connected course with German students from The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)


This course takes us through the German cultural periods of Storm and Stress and Romanticism to Realism and Expressionism ending with World War One. Via literature, poetry, theatre, and art, we will explore how the socio-political reality and historic events shaped the lives and artistic expressions of the younger generations during those often tumultuous but always intense periods. In the big picture, this course will help us better understand how especially young people have helped shape history through their proclivity of trying to find a place for themselves in life and by doing so change the direction of the course of history itself.

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