Japanese Course Offering Fall 2018

JAPN 201 -Intermediate Japanese I with Professor Toyoko Mlwa-Osborne, Antioch College
  • Days and Time: MTWTh, 1:30 PM to 2:20 PM
  • Pre-req.: Successful completion of two semesters/3 quarters of Beginning Japanese or what is equivalent by consent of the instructor.
  • Credits: 3 semester hour credits, 4 quarter hour credits. Antioch runs on a quarter system. 


Japanese 201 uses a communicative approach to integrate cultural products, practices, and perspectives into developing the four skills of communication (reading, writing, speaking, listening), with a focus on real-time interpersonal oral production of simple, but full present tense phrases and sentence structures in a variety of familiar contexts and uncomplicated social interactions. This course roughly targets the ACTFL Intermediate-Low rating, and prepares students for the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview in fulfillment of Antioch’s minimum language requirement. Students from other GLCA schools may opt out of this proficiency test. Teaching methodologies may include task-based, project-based, and other experiential learning assignments. Offered every Fall term. Taught in Japanese.

Academic Calendar for Antioch College (Instruction begins on August 27 and ends on November 6.)

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Dr. Osborne will also be offering all of her intermediate and advanced level Japanese courses via the Shared Languages Program for any interested GLCA school student:

4 Japanese courses in rotation (4 quarter credits, 3 semester credits each)

  • JAPN 201 in the fall term;
  • JAPN 301 in the winter term;
  • JAPN 202 and 302 in the spring term.