Modern Hebrew (through OSU)

Instructor: Galit Golan, Ohio State University

Fall 2019, Aug 20 – Dec 4

Each course bears 4 semester credit hours.

Hebrew 1101: Elementary Hebrew, T,W,R,F 9:10-10:05 am.

[Hebrew 1101: Elementary Hebrew, T,W,R,F 11:30-12:35 (not available for SLP students in Fall 2019)}

Hebrew 1103: Intermediate Hebrew, T,W,R,F 10:20-11:15am.

Hebrew 1103: Intermediate Hebrew, T,W,R,F 12:40-1:35 pm

Course Descriptions

Elementary Hebrew- Hebrew 1101

This is the first sequence of elementary Hebrew. This course teaches reading and writing in Hebrew print and cursive letters. It exposes the students to the grammatical foundations of the Hebrew as a gender oriented, root based language. After acquiring basic reading and writing skills, students will learn to form different types of simple sentences in Hebrew, hold short conversations, and write short dialogues  about immediate topics around them, such as their schooling, place of living and food. 4 semester credit hours.

Intermediate Hebrew- Hebrew 1103

This course continues building upon the vocabulary, content, grammar and linguistic foundations acquired in Hebrew 1101 and Hebrew 1102.  It aims at developing a higher level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Hebrew. The course will specifically improve the quality and quantity of students’ vocabulary and develop more fluency and facility in understanding Hebrew and using it to perform daily communication in the language. This course will address more daily and immediate topics, along with deeper understanding of grammar. 4 semester credit hours.

Prerequisite: successful completion of Hebrew 1101 and 1102, or testing out of Hebrew 1101 and 1102.

Please contact Gabriele Dillmann for course enrollment information and any questions that you may have.

For students: Please fill out this enrollment form and take to your Registrar’s office. In the space on the form for “CRN”, please just write “OSU”.